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Empowering Communities with Vision and Efficiency

ABDA Grocery Chains, the supermarket segment of ABDA Investment DMCC, stands as a leading owner, operator, and developer in the MENA region's grocery and food retail industry. Over the past two decades, the company has evolved into a major player, currently managing over 150 supermarkets under five distinct brands.


As a key player in grocery retail, ABDA Grocery Chains has made a substantial impact on the economy, employing thousands and contributing to local and regional economies. The company not only provides fresh and affordable food to customers but also stimulates local business growth through its supermarkets.


Beyond economic impact, ABDA Grocery Chains has distinguished itself as an industry leader, prioritizing safety, quality, and customer service. Strategic investments in technology and infrastructure have allowed the company to adapt to evolving customer needs, enhancing the overall shopping experience. The focus is on providing customers with quick and convenient checkout options, along with access to detailed information about the products they purchase.


Committed to sustainability, ABDA Grocery Chains has implemented a comprehensive program encompassing initiatives to reduce food waste, promote energy efficiency, and support local farmers and vendors. Partnerships with environmental organizations further demonstrate the company's commitment to sustainability goals.


From strict adherence to food safety standards to a commitment to providing the highest quality products, ABDA Grocery Chains has built a reputation as a trusted and reliable source for groceries, establishing itself as an industry leader. By adopting best practices from global industry giants, the company not only positively impacts the economy but also sets an example for others in creating a successful business model.


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