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Industrial Production

Shaping Tomorrow’s Industries

ABDA Manufacturing, the industrial production arm of ABDA Investment DMCC, has been a leader in the Caucasus region for the past five years. Specializing in paper products, Form Fill and Seal (FFS) packaging films, and sulfuric acids, the company has established itself as a major player with state-of-the-art facilities.


Emphasizing sustainability, ABDA Manufacturing has reduced its environmental footprint through energy and water consumption minimization. The company's commitment extends to social and economic initiatives, creating jobs and enhancing local infrastructure to stimulate economic growth in the region.


At the forefront of innovation, ABDA Manufacturing has invested heavily in automation and digitalization, adopting global best practices like lean manufacturing and Six Sigma. This approach ensures high-quality, efficient production processes.


The combination of sustainability, positive economic impact, and technological excellence has solidified ABDA Manufacturing's position as a leading force in the industrial production sector in the Caucasus region. As a visionary player, the company shapes the future of industrial production, setting new standards for sustainability and prosperity.



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