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Dining and Entertainment

Founded 8 years ago, ABDA Restaurant & Entertainment has evolved into a leader in the Caucasus region, offering a unique fusion of delectable dining and immersive entertainment experiences across more than 6 brands. From restaurants and patisseries to fast food and instant coffee, ABDA provides a diverse array of options to cater to every customer's preferences. The entertainment arm extends to a movie theater, adding another layer to the overall experience.


Since its inception, ABDA has prioritized delivering the best possible dining and entertainment experiences. By incorporating the latest innovations and global best practices, the company has emerged as an industry leader. This commitment ensures the highest quality in both food and entertainment, all while maintaining a focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility.


The economic impact of ABDA is substantial, creating hundreds of jobs and significantly contributing to the local economy. The company's investments in local businesses and initiatives aimed at employee training and education further enhance its positive influence on the community.


ABDA is at the forefront of implementing global best practices, utilizing the latest technology for efficient and sustainable operations. From the use of green energy to waste reduction and water conservation, ABDA actively works to reduce its environmental footprint while fostering positive economic growth.


In summary, ABDA Restaurant & Entertainment has played a significant and outstanding role in the Caucasus region. By providing unparalleled dining and entertainment experiences, prioritizing sustainability, and contributing positively to the local economy, ABDA continues to shape a brighter tomorrow for its customers and the community.



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